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The Best Areas for Washington Real Estate

Washington Real Estate Overview

Washington Real Estate

Many people enjoy the lively metropolitan cities and scenic beauty found in the state of Washington, and chooses to search for Washington real estate. When searching for Washington property, it is important to remember that real estate in Washington differs greatly depending upon location, and therefore, numerous towns and counties should be observed.

Seattle Washington Real Estate

In terms of city housing, Seattle, Washington real estate is often relatively affordable, providing individuals with the ability to live in a major city, without facing the real estate prices seen in New York City and similar cities. Seattle property varies significantly, and prices range depending upon the location of the property, as well as the size and condition of the home.

Bellevue Real Estate

Bellevue is becoming a very popular place for people to purchase property. This rapidly growing metropolitan city center has been ranked by magazines and online polls as one of the greatest locations to live within the country. As a result, Bellevue real estate is becoming expensive, making Bellevue a very costly city to live in.

Spokane Real Estate

In most instances, Spokane real estate is very affordable, making the city of Spokane a suitable alternative for individuals who want to reside in metropolitan cities, but who are not able to afford real estate in other major cities, such as Bellevue and Seattle. Property in Spokane generally costs less than the average price of property in the US.

King County Property Tax

In addition to its many desirable features, King County, Washington is known for having high property taxes. In some areas, the King County property tax rate exceeds the national average, greatly increasing the cost of living within this county. King County property tax is often a subject of debate and argument.

Washington DC Real Estate

Washington DC real estate is highly desired, due to the many attractive aspects of the city and the employment opportunities in federal government agencies. As a result, Washington real estate is often very expensive, especially in popular portions of the city. However, there are many different neighborhoods within the city that may provide more affordable opportunities.

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