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Spokane Real Estate

Spokane Real Estate

Spokane is a major metropolitan city, located in Washington. It is situated with the North West portion of the United States, on the banks of the Spokane River. It is about one hundred miles from the Canadian Border and roughly twenty miles away from Idaho, which is located to the east of the city. Spokane has a population of over 202,300 individuals, making it one on the largest cities in the Pacific Northwest.

In addition to the city center, there are a number of surrounding suburbs that compose the city of Spokane. The city has a rich history, with over half of the downtown areas being deemed as historic. In recent years, major renovations have been completed in Spokane, to add new attractions and destinations. Concert halls, hotels, theaters, convention centers, and malls have been built throughout the city, providing residents with access to a variety of desirable venues, events, and activities.

In recent years, housing prices in Spokane, Washington have decreased significantly, making Spokane real estate extremely affordable. An individual can currently obtain Spokane real estate for relatively low prices, making Spokane an affordable alternative to Bellevue, another of the major cities located in Washington.

The cost of housing in Spokane generally falls at or below the average cost of property throughout the country. The median cost of property in Spokane is about $140,300, while the average asking price is roughly $248,000. An individual can locate a large, four bedroom home for under $350,000. An individual who wishes to reside in a major city, but who is unable to afford property in Seattle or Bellevue, may wish to consider Spokane real estate.

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