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Seattle Real Estate

Seattle Washington Real Estate

Like with all cities, there are major advantages to living in Seattle. Seattle is the capital city of Washington and borders the southern portion of Canada. Seattle is one of the largest cities in the United States, housing over 617,000 residents. It is an important cultural, educational, and economic center. Seattle is an attractive city that is enjoyable to many, and therefore, many individuals seek Seattle property.

Living in a major city can be advantageous, as it provides individuals with access to more employment opportunities, reduces commutes, and maintains a variety of attractions, events and activities. Within a city, such as Seattle, an individual will be able to locate a number of restaurants, bars, theaters, galleries, and museums that suit his/her taste and lifestyle. As a result, property located within major cities is generally expensive to purchase.

When compared to property sold in other major cities, such as New York City and Los Angeles, Seattle, Washington real estate is relatively affordable. However, the available Seattle property does cost more than the average cost of housing within the United States. Nevertheless, if an individual wishes to relocate to a major city, Seattle may be a more affordable option. The median cost of property in Seattle is slightly over $374,600, while the average asking price for real estate is about $567,870.

As of September 2010, there were over 4,000 homes for sale in Seattle, providing potential home buyers with a variety of different options. An individual can find property within the city for under $300,000, though prices vary by location and the condition of the home, and in some instances, real estate can exceed one million dollars. Apartments and condos are popular in Seattle and an individual may wish to consider these options, as opposed to purchasing a home.

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