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King County's Property Tax Is Too High!

King County Property Tax

King County is a county located in the state of Washington. It maintains a population of over 1,916,400 individuals, making it the most largely populated county in the state. It is the fourteenth largest county in the country. The city of Seattle is located in King County. The majority of the population that occupies this county resides in suburbs within Seattle.

King County is considered to be a great location to live in and it is known to have some of the highest incomes in the United States. As a result, many people choose to live and work in King County. It is possible to find affordable housing in some locations within the county. However, King county property tax may cause the cost of living to increase substantially.

In addition to being known for its metropolitan cities, desirable suburbs, and high incomes, King county is also known for its high property tax. Residents of King County often complain that the King County property tax rate is much too high. The state of Washington does not implement an income tax, and as a result, a large portion of an individual's taxes are taken through property taxes. King County property tax will range depending upon what portion of the county an individual resides in.

In some areas of the county, the property tax rate is as high as 11.9%, making it higher than the average property tax in the United States. The Kings County property tax rate is frequently debated and argued, however, there are many individuals who justify the high tax rate by citing the many advantageous features of living in Kings County.

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