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Alexandria Real Estate

Alexandria Real Estate

The Alexandria real estate market in Virginia has been marked by both worrisome as well as more positive indicators of how well realtors and would-be home buyers are faring in a period of overall and diminished real estate market performance and overall economic prospects.

In this regard, worries were raised about the current and future state of Richmond property by the finding that the financial value of Alexandria property, on a square footage basis, had declined at a rate of 7% in comparison to the previous year. By this estimation, each square foot of Alexandria real estate can be expected, in terms of its average price, to cost $293.

Figures collected from the summer period for sales of Alexandria real estate indicated that 1021 individual financial transactions had taken place during that period and that these sales had involved the average price of $380,000. In terms of sales volume of Alexandria property during summer 2010, a fall had taken place of 27.9%, while the average cost of a residential Alexandria property had increased by a 8.9% rate representing an actual dollar amount of $29,000.

In the area of Alexandria real estate, regions of continuing popularity and currently high price estimations include such area zip codes as 22302, where homes cost an average of $418,442 for purchasers, 22304, where they cost the average price of $354,307, 22303, where they cost an average $334,240, 22306, with the average being $340,503, and 22314, with the average being $767,848.

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