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The Best of Tennessee Real Estate

Tennessee Real Estate

Tennessee real estate has come under some hard times because of the challenges faced by today’s economy. In Tennessee, some of the largest cities are suffering from a serious deficit in the housing economy, areas like Memphis, Nashville, and Knoxville.

Tennessee Real Estate

Tennessee real estate boasts beautiful, southern scenery, large, open space, and the rustic feel of older cabins settled out in the woods. But there is also the aspect of new developments, city life, and all around diversity that makes Tennessee an appealing location to live.

Memphis Real Estate

Memphis, one of the largest cities in Tennessee has seen a decrease in the average of housing sales lately. Houses that were going for hundreds of thousands of dollars are now foreclosed and selling for less than $100,000. Significant suburban areas that now have vacancies around every corner.

Nashville Tennessee Real Estate

Nashville, the capital city of Tennessee is one of the most prosperous and famous areas in the south. It is a location known for entertainment and industry. Within the city lie businesses, schools, and opportunities at every corner. On the outskirts are many houses in which commuters live, to get away from the stress of the city once the work day is over. However, now the housing market in Nashville has seen a dramatic turn, and housing is not selling like it used to.

East Tennessee Real Estate

The general area of East Tennessee is a more laid-back and country area of the state. This is where the city no longer holds jurisdiction, and country living is the main way of life. However, in this smaller area of the state, the real estate market has seen devastation, because houses are now being foreclosed on more frequently and the average housing prices have decreased in value significantly.

Knoxville Tennessee Real Estate

Knoxville is another one of the larger cities of Tennessee, and follows the same formula of economic status and housing situation. It is a city in which the economy is based off of services and businesses. And the housing market is centered mainly on the neighborhoods of the suburban area, because of commuter access and country charm.

Chattanooga Tennessee Real Estate

Chattanooga ranks within the top 5 largest cities within Tennessee; once a primary manufacturing economy, Chattanooga has now progressed into more of a service industry, with smaller manufacturing endeavors mixed in. Housing in this region of Tennessee has taken a significant downturn because of the number of houses which have been foreclosed on.

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