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Knoxville Real Estate

Knoxville Tennessee Real Estate

Knoxville, Tennessee is the third largest city within the Tennessee; the source of economy for Knoxville is the companies and service industries that are within the city. Companies like HGTV, AC Entertainment, Pilot Corporation, various brand telephone companies, and other corporations have businesses here. Furthermore, Knoxville, Tennessee is also home to several colleges and technology institutes for higher education. Because of this the Knoxville Tennessee real estate market is geared towards various categories of renters and homeowners.

The Knoxville Tennessee real estate market has to hit selling points for single family housing, student housing, and commuter housing. For the college students or the working-commuters who do not want to purchase houses, the option is often to go with an apartment. There are many apartment complexes around Knoxville that boast a style of country living, while still providing convenience of easy and short commutes to school or work. These apartments go for anywhere in between $500 to $900 a month.

Knoxville Tennessee real estate geared more towards families also has a range of options. There have numerous houses that have been foreclosed on, and because of this, the housing price range has dropped significantly. Some houses are going for as little as $23,000, while other foreclosures are sitting around $90,000 to $100,000. However, the average listing prices of Knoxville Tennessee Real Estate is around $255,000 for a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom standard houses in the suburbs. But the median selling prices has been around $140,000.

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