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Pennsylvania Real Estate

Pennsylvania Real Estate

The state of Pennsylvania is situated within the Northeastern portion of the United States. It is bordered by New York, New Jersey, Ohio, West Virginia, Maryland, and Delaware. The state possess coastline resulting from the Delaware Estuary and Lake Erie. Pennsylvania is home to over twelve million residents, many of which reside within the state's major cities. Pennsylvania has a number of large metropolitan centers, including Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Erie, and Allentown. Outside of these major city centers, the state is composed of many small towns and rural areas. Pennsylvania has a high population of elderly individuals, a large population of Pennsylvania Dutch, and a poverty rate of over 11%. However, many individuals find Pennsylvania real estate to be very attractive.

PA real estate is very varied, depending upon the location in which an individual is looking to obtain property. Many people who acquire Pennsylvania real estate choose to live in one of the state's major cities, in order to take advantage of city life. The cost of living in Philadelphia, the most popular city within the state, is notably higher than the cost of living in most other locations throughout the state. If an individual wants to live in an urban environment, but cannot afford to reside in Philadelphia, he/she may consider Pittsburgh. City life is not suitable for all individuals, and for those who want to escape the noise and stress frequently associated with large cities, there is real estate available in rural towns. There are many real estate agencies and organizations, including the PA Real Estate Commission, available to help both individuals and businesses locate residential and commercial real estate.

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