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Greensboro Real Estate

Greensboro Real Estate

Greensboro is a city within Guilford County in North Carolina. Greensboro is known to contain close to 260,000 individuals, which makes it a relatively large city within North Carolina. Specifically, Greensboro is the third largest city in all of North Carolina. Greensboro is located within the Piedmont region, meaning that it is located between the coastal plain of the Atlantic and the Appalachian Mountain chain to the west.

Greensboro is located close to central North Carolina, although it is slightly to the north and west. Greensboro is also located within the Triad, a metropolitan area which contains Greensboro, High Point, and Winston-Salem. Thus, Greensboro real estate is, to a certain extent, more valuable simply because it gives access to more urban areas.

The market for Greensboro real estate is much like the market for real estate in many parts of North Carolina. According to a recent study which surveyed 3,029 different pieces of Greensboro real estate that have been put up for sale, the median price was close to $149,000. This median price is relatively average and normal North Carolina, meaning that Greensboro real estate is not particularly expensive.

The survey also examined 1,154 foreclosed pieces of Greensboro real estate, and found that the median price among them was $113,000. This price is relatively low for North Carolina, but not exceptionally so. Finally, the survey examined some new pieces of Greensboro real estate. 3 new houses were surveyed, and the median price was found to be $165,990.

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