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Cary Real Estate

Cary Real Estate

Cary is a city in North Carolina, primarily within Wake County, though it does extend somewhat outside of Wake County. Cary contains close to 100,000 individuals, and it is growing very quickly according to recent facts and figures.

Cary real estate is known to include close to 37,000 housing units of differing varieties throughout the 2,246 square mile area of Cary. Cary is known to be a highly prosperous and safe city, particularly as a large portion of the Cary populace is known to have a degree from a higher education.

The median price for Cary homes for sale was determined to be $279,000 across 1,255 different such Cary homes for sale. This is a decrease from recent numbers in prior months. Foreclosed Cary homes for sale had a median price of $215,000 between 188 different examples, further providing information as to the fact that there are significantly more Cary homes for sale than there are foreclosed homes up for sale in Cary.

Because Cary is also growing so quickly, numerous new pieces of Cary real estate are opening up for sale. Across 30 different new homes on Cary real estate, the median price was found to be $419,670, which is a significant amount more than the price of already built Cary homes for sale and Cary real estate. In general, the Cary real estate market seems to be mostly stable, though there was a dip in the prices that occurred very recently.

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