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Asheville Real Estate

Asheville Real Estate

Asheville real estate is located in the western region of North Carolina. Specifically, Asheville is located within Buncombe County, where Asheville is known to have a population of close to 80,000 individuals. Asheville is part of a wider metropolitan area, known as the Asheville Metropolitan Statistical Area.

This is significant for understanding Asheville real estate because it means that Asheville real estate is all the more valuable, as Asheville real estate would give access to the entire metropolitan area, which contains close to 410,000 individuals. Asheville real estate is also often much desired because Asheville crops up frequently on lists and rankings of good places to live within America, particularly in terms of the arts.

Asheville real estate, across 1,794 different example houses, was found to have a median price of $210,000. This means that Asheville real estate is towards the pricier range of North Carolina real estate. Furthermore, foreclosed pieces of Asheville real estate were valued at a median price of $188,000 across 295 different examples.

This is significant particularly because the prices of foreclosed real estate in other parts of North Carolina are close to half the price of the foreclosed pieces of Asheville real estate. A new home in Asheville was also found to have a price of $216,000, in contrast to the prices of the other kinds of Asheville real estate. On the whole, the Asheville real estate market value is currently on the rise after having come down somewhat from its status in 2008.

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