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Hampton's Real Estate

Hamptons Real Estate

The Hamptons are composed of over twenty villages located within East Hampton and Southampton, two towns situated on the eastern tip of Long Island. The South Fork, on which these villages are located, extends into the ocean, creating a beautiful seaside resort. The Hamptons have a long history of providing individuals with a popular vacation site. Hamptons’ real estate is some of the highest priced property throughout the United States.

Three of the villages within the Hamptons have been included on the list detailing the ten most expensive locations in the United States. As a result, the Hamptons are associated with extreme wealth and the individuals who own property in the Hamptons are thought to be very wealthy. The Hamptons are widely known for their gorgeous beaches, exquisite restaurants, high end country club, and sailing culture.

An individual should expect to pay well over one million dollars for real estate in the Hamptons. Even small homes are listed for more than one million dollars. An individual may be able to locate property for slightly under one million, however, on average, Hamptons real estate will cost far more than this. In many instances, an individual will be required to pay over ten millions dollars for a home in the Hamptons.

There are not many condos or apartments available in the Hamptons, though there are some that an individual may choose to consider. This type of real estate is more affordable than purchasing a home; however, an individual should still expect to pay well over $500,000 for a condominium in the Hamptons.

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