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Buffalo Real Estate

Buffalo Real Estate

Following New York City, Buffalo is the most largely populated city in New York. It is located in the Western portion of New York, situated on Lake Erie. It is in close proximity to the Canadian border and the Niagara River. The city of Buffalo contains over 270,900 residents, with millions of individuals residing in the surrounding areas.

In addition to providing residents with access to employment opportunities, the large city also provides residents with an array of entertainment, events and activities. If an individual is seeking to escape the urban city, he/she can escape to the botanical gardens. There are many museums, art galleries, bars, restaurants, theaters, zoos, and golf courses located throughout the city. As a result, a resident will be able to locate activities to suit his/her interests.

Similarly to many locations through New York State, it is currently relatively inexpensive to purchase Buffalo Real Estate. Statistics indicate that, on average, as of March 2010, Buffalo property was selling for around $70,000. Large homes can range significantly in price. For example, there are a number of large, 4 bedroom homes available for between $350,000 and $400,000.

However, an individual can locate homes that are available for significantly less than the average cost of property in the United States. Upstate New York real estate is often an attractive choice for new families, as it provides individuals with quite settings, affordable property, and access to employment opportunities in large, urban cities.

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