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Newark Real Estate

Newark Real Estate

Newark is considered New Jersey's largest city, and is on the list of the 100 largest cities in the United States. It is a larger, financial and commercial region; within Newark there is the Prudential Financial institution, PSE&G, and numerous smaller business ventures.

Furthermore, it is located next to the Atlantic Ocean, and is home to a port, which helps to further the commercial and financial aspect of the city. It is also home to the New Jersey's Devil's hockey team and various other smaller sports teams.

Regarding recent trends in Newark Real Estate, and subsequently all Real Estate throughout New Jersey, there has been a significant decline in the prices of houses for sale around the state. This is because New Jersey was severely affected by the recent economic decline. Housing has decreased in price and the number of houses available has increased, causing an even larger discrepancy in the housing market.

In regards to Newark Real Estate, it is important to keep in mind that Newark Real Estate is centered around a city that is densely populated and compact in proximity. All of the houses that can be found are typically townhouse style, or semi-attached houses. However, some of the houses have dipped under $100,000 and boast 3 bedrooms.

However, a fair number of the houses that are currently on the market are situated in between $150,000 to $280,000 for the average 3 bedroom houses. With these houses there is limited, if any yard space, but the area is highly accessible to restaurants, food stores, and sporting events, and transportation into New York City for convenient commuting.

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