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Lakewood Real Estate

Lakewood Real Estate

Lakewood can be found in Ocean County, New Jersey; geographically it is located on the Southeastern side of the state. It is situated in what is referred to as an urban enterprise zone, which is a location that supports the creation of new jobs and the employment of the locals of that region.

Furthermore, in this particular region of New Jersey, there is a significant decrease in the price of sales tax, by half. Throughout New Jersey, the standard sales tax is 7%, but in this region, it is a mere 3 1/2%; this significant decrease also helps to encourage the economy by encouraging to individuals to shop for more.

Like many other regions of New Jersey, Lakewood Real Estate has taken a significant hit and decrease in sales prices because of the downturn of the economy. Lakewood Real Estate has become lower in price because of the foreclosures in the area, as well as, the development of the area around it.

Single family houses, which boast 2 bedrooms with 1 to 2 bathrooms start around $115,000 and go up to around $270,000. 3 Bedroom houses have a solid starting price of $229,000 and go to around $305,000.

A fair number of the houses on the market are less than 20 years old, meaning there they do not require serious structural work or rewiring of the electricity. Overall, the Lakewood Real Estate market has become very affordable in pricing and there is room for negotiations regarding the houses.

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