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Lansing Real Estate

Lansing Real Estate

Information collected on the state and performance of Lansing real estate during the 2010 period indicated that property transactions thus being conducted in the Michigan state capital have experienced many of the same problems as have been felt throughout the state as a whole, as well as the general United States real estate market.

In one potential indicator of improvements in the financial strength of the Lansing real estate market, average price per square foot saw a 5.2% improvement in comparison to the previous year, with $81 being the average cost being charged for Lansing real estate square footage. Surveys of the average price being listed for individual pieces of Lansing real estate showed, moreover, that realtors were thus asking for $95,822 from prospective home purchasers.

Figures on Lansing real estate sales conducted during the summer of 2010, between the June 10 and August 10 period, indicated that 403 residential pieces of Lansing, MI property had thereby been passed off on to new owners, and that the price asked and successfully secured for such pieces of property had fallen into the median range of $78,639.

As of mid-September 2010, meanwhile, numbers collected from Lansing real estate information sources indicated that 1745 successful residential property transactions had recently been made, in comparison to 1216 pieces of Lansing real estate which had been foreclosed upon or were in the process of being foreclosed. Information on popular pieces of Lansing real estate, collected in terms of zip codes, indicated that such areas as 48837 and 49076 were among the most prosperous.

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