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Plymouth Real Estate

Plymouth Real Estate

The town of Plymouth is located on the East coast of Massachusetts. Established in 1620, it is the longest, constantly inhabited English colony within the United States. It is widely known for being created by the Pilgrims, who traveled to the United States on the Mayflower, as well as being the site of the original Thanksgiving feast. As a result, the town of Plymouth holds a great deal of historical importance in the US.

The town maintains a population of over 58,600 people. There are a number of museums, plantations, old fort houses, churches, and other historical novelties that attract tourists every year. It addition, the town is situated on the water, which produces beautiful scenery, especially in the fall when the leaves acquire vibrant colors. As a result, many people find Plymouth property attractive.

An individual should expect to pay slightly above average prices for Plymouth real estate. The median price paid for Plymouth property is around $275,500, with the average asking price being roughly $395,000. The cost of Plymouth real estate will vary depending upon the size and the location of the property. Homes that are located on the water tend to be more expensive than houses that are located inland.

Large, water front homes can cost over one million dollars, while small two bedrooms homes can cost about $250,000. On average, an individual should be prepared to pay around $300,000 for Plymouth property. Apartments and condos are not extremely common in Plymouth, though there are some available for individuals who do not wish to purchase a home in this town. An individual should expect to pay over $900 for an apartment in an apartment community.

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