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Cambridge Real Estate

Cambridge Real Estate

The city of Cambridge is situated in Massachusetts' Middlesex County and it is considered to be a part of the Greater Boston region. Today, Cambridge contains two prominent, internationally recognized universities: Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University. The city maintains a population of almost 105,600 individuals.

The city contains stunning architecture and a range of beautiful sights. In addition, there are restaurants, caf├ęs, bars, and entertainment located in the city center. A large portion of the Cambridge population is composed of college age individuals; however, Cambridge is a wonderful location for families. As a result, Cambridge real estate is becoming increasingly popular.

Though Cambridge real estate is generally more expensive than the average property sold throughout the United States, it is less expensive than real estate available in closely situated towns and cities. For example, Cambridge real estate is notably less pricey than the property available in Newton, MA. Nevertheless, the median cost of Cambridge real estate is almost $500,000, while the average price that property is listed for is over $604,000.

Therefore, property in Cambridge may be unfeasible for individuals who are restricted to a budget. It may be possible for an individual to locate property in Cambridge for under $400,000, though this is rare. There are many home listed for over one million dollars, with some exceeding two and three million dollars. A family, individual, or a student may wish to consider renting an apartment, though he/she will likely pay over $1,000 each month to rent an apartment in a community.

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