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Maryland Real Estate Commission

Maryland Real Estate Commission

The Maryland Real Estate Commission is the state of Maryland's governmental organization in charge of all things revolving around real estate. The Maryland Real Estate Commission is overseen by the Maryland Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing, which controls a total of twenty two licensing boards located in the state.

The Commission is currently in charge with the responsibility of regulating nearly 48,000 licensed real estate brokers and associates. The Commission will also be in charge of the licensing examination procedures and disciplinary actions due to the violation of real estate principles of laws.

For those interested in practicing real estate, individuals must meet certain requirements imposed by the Maryland Real Estate Commission. Firstly, a person must be at least eighteen years old. A person must also take the proper educational classes, which must include a three hour ethics course. The course will touch upon real estate principles and specific state laws, such as the Maryland property tax rates.

The ethics course must be taken every two years in accordance to the Commission's standards. The Maryland Real Estate Commission will administer the licensing test, which must be passed in order to practice real estate within the state. Every licensed real estate agent must retake the ethics course every two years. The Maryland Real Estate Commission is headed by Katherine F. Connelly, the Executive Director, and the various commissioners for each county.

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