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Monroe Real Estate

Monroe Real Estate

Monroe is a smaller city, in the northeastern section of Louisiana; across the river from Monroe is West Monroe, these two locations are often referred to as sister cities. Monroe is a developed location known for shopping, entertainment, and being the general center for the surrounding neighborhoods.

For many of the individuals who live around the Monroe area, their jobs are found within the city; the city's economic status primarily comes from the services provided and the money accumulated from taxes and various other collections. For those who live in Monroe, it is comprised of over 40 smaller neighborhoods within the city and on the outskirts.

One of the selling points of Monroe city is the real estate; particularly the amount of Monroe real estate available, the accessibility to the city, and a reasonable price range.

The accessibility to the city is a key factor in Monroe real estate, because there are different locations which to choose from. For individuals who prefer city life, there are neighborhoods of houses and apartments within the city limits; this makes the businesses, restaurants, and the rest of the city available within walking distance, or with a hop on public transportation.

However, some people looking into Monroe real estate would prefer a house outside of the city limits. This is often to separate home and business, and to provide a safer and more secure area for family.

Regardless of the type of housing, there is a surplus of housing options on the Monroe real estate market such as: apartments, houses, and even houses that have fallen under the foreclosure bracket. Now, the foreclosure bracket has helped to bring down the price range of houses within Monroe real estate.

The average listing for Monroe house is around $170,000. However, the median prices is anywhere in between $70,000 to $110,000, because a fair number of houses are being sold within the foreclosure market, and not in the average pricing bracket.

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