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The Best of Louisiana Real Estate

Louisiana Real Estate

Louisiana is a region that has always been appealing because of it's rich, cultural aspects. It is a conglomeration of various different cultural influences, set in a beautiful, southern area. Real estate in Louisiana is one of the most desired, and risk endeavors, because of the Hurricanes, and general damage caused by natural disasters.

Louisiana Real Estate

Louisiana real estate, traditionally, has always been a challenge for real estate agents. The reason this is so is because of the serious weather conditions which impact the overall status of the state. In particular, coastal areas have suffered massive damage because of Hurricanes. However, on a purely monetary side, it has become one of the regions hardest hit by the collapse of the economy.

Lafayette Real Estate

Lafayette Real estate is generally located on the outskirts of the city of Lafayette. This region is desired because it is in commuting distance, but gives relief from the city at night. On the highest scale, houses are on the market for millions of dollars in Lafayette, but because the economy is so poor and credit is almost inaccessible, the most common area of housing purchases are less than $200,000.

Mandeville Real Estate

Mandeville is located right across from New Orleans, and has been the recipient of serious damage caused by hurricanes of the past, namely Hurricane Katrina. This has made the housing market an already hard sell, because, though beautiful, there is a high risk factor of natural disaster damage in the area. But with the serious strain of the economy, the prospects of selling property in this region are even more dismal.

Monroe Real Estate

Monroe is a smaller city in the northeastern section of Louisiana. It is a location in which the housing market is more of a suburban one, and one where commuting is the preferred avenue to get to work. This area, like all others has had significant issues regarding the housing market, because of the strain of the economy. Houses sell in Monroe for around $100,000. And there has yet to be a sign of increase.

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