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The Best of Georgia Real Estate

Georgia Real Estate

Georgia is located on the Southeastern coast of the United States. It is a location that has become more popular as time has progressed. Within Georgia there are a number of large cities; these cities boast high economic values, and the area around them is larger housing developments. Georgia real estate runs the gambit of being extremely low in pricing to very high real estate brackets, within the millions.

Georgia Real Estate

Georgia real estate is wide in diversity, and is most concentrated in the areas of big cities. Population and commuting are huge factors for cities, and accessible housing has made the economy beneficial overall. But the real estate market has severely slowed to economic hardships felt in all of the cities and on number families.

Atlanta Real Estate

Atlanta is one of the largest cities within Georgia; because it is a large city, there are often a number of commuters from around the area that either live in the city or on the outskirts of the city. However, because of the financial difficulties felt by the United States, some companies have gone under and some people were unable to pay for their houses, creating a surplus of foreclosures. Because of this, there has been a serious depreciation in the real estate market. Houses now average around $200,000 on the lower end of the scale, and there is a surplus of houses on the market for $850,000 and higher.

Alpharetta Real Estate

Alpharetta is another large city within Georgia, and it boasts of having over 3,000 different businesses within the city's confines. Furthermore, on any given day there are over 100,000 people in the city; this is split up between residential, school, and businesses. However, the housing market cannot be as boastful. The average selling houses on the Alpharetta Real Estate market go for in between $200,000 to $250,000.

Marietta Real Estate

Marietta is another one of the largest cities within Georgia, and much like the other cities, it has been highly affluent in nature; that was, until the economy began to decline. Complications in the business and real estate market have left a significant mark on the Marietta housing market. Now the average house sale goes for less than $200,000. However, unlike some of the other cities, Marietta has seen some indicators that an upturn can happen within the next year.

Augusta Real Estate

Augusta, a consolidated city in Georgia, has seen a severe decline in the real estate market surrounding the area. Areas where there used to be hundred-thousand dollar sales are now seeing houses sold for under a hundred-thousand dollars. Furthermore, there have been significantly more foreclosures that intended housing sales, which knocked the housing sale projection off balance.

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