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Atlanta Real Estate

Atlanta Real Estate

Atlanta Real Estate, over the years has become a popular location for business and residential housing. However, the popularity of the location could not stave off the pressure of the economic issues of the United States. Like the rest of the United States, Atlanta property has seen a significant depreciation in pricing over the past couple of years.

And the prospects of the Atlanta Real Estate market around for the better has been something the experts cannot yet commit to endorsing. Instead, rates of last year’s housing market during the summer and this year's housing market were compared; in the comparison, it has been found that Atlanta's Real Estate market has decreased another 5%. However, it has been projected that by the end of 2010, the housing market will show approximately the same averages as it had last year.

Though it is still considered to be in a down turn, there are many properties listed down for Atlanta Real Estate that are in the bracket of $850,000; these are all around 5-7 bedroom condos or large houses within North Atlanta; however, because there are so many of them for sale, there is a good indication that many people cannot afford this particular price range of housing units. In the bracket of average housing units, the average area of purchasing has been around the $150,000 to $250,000 price range.

This has been for houses that are 2-3 bedroom, single family establishments. There is a wide gap of prices regarding the Atlanta Real Estate market; however, there the aforesaid is the average basis for houses and is at a low price bracket. The prospect is that this range might see another decrease in pricing before the housing market takes a turn upward.

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