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Jacksonville Real Estate

Jacksonville Real Estate

The Jacksonville real estate market is bolstered by two facts that have helped the Jacksonville property market avoid experiencing the same decline that has affected the value of property in Florida. The first factor that has helped Jacksonville property value is that it is the county seat of Duval County. The City of Jacksonville and Duval Count consolidated in 1968, which means that the Jacksonville real estate market is spread across an especially large volume of land.

The second factor that has protected the value of Jacksonville property is that much of it is held by colleges, specifically Jacksonville University, the University of North Florida, Florida State College at Jacksonville, Edward Waters College, The Art Institute of Jacksonville, Florida Coastal School of Law, Trinity Baptist College, Jones College, Fortis College, and Florida Technical College.

As a result of the consolidation, much of the Metropolitan Jacksonville property is within the city limits of Jacksonville. As a result, Jacksonville has the most populous city proper in the City, and the thirteenth most populous in the United States.

Jacksonville property is in northeast Florida. Jacksonville property is on the banks of the St Johns River, 25 miles south of the border with Georgia, and less than three hundred fifty miles north of Miami. As is the case with much f the property of Florida, Jacksonville property is not very far from the Atlantic coast.

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