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Florida Keys Real Estate

Florida Keys Real Estate

Florida Keys real estate listings are the furthest south Florida real estate listings available, leaving the properties close to international waters and to Cuba.

Florida Keys real estate can be located across one thousand seven hundred islands in the southeast United States. This part of south Florida real estate begins roughly fifteen miles south of Miami, before extending in a gentle arc that spreads from the south to the south west, before heading west to Key West, which is the final inhabited part of the expanse of the Florida Keys real estate.

The habitable and inhabitable portions of the Florida Keys real estate are spread out over just over one hundred thirty seven square miles. The islands are along the Florida Straits, and divide the Atlantic Ocean, which is to their east, and the Gulf of Mexico to the west. The islands define one edge of Florida Bay.

This expanse of south Florida real estate is almost entirely in Monroe County, although five percent of the land area lies to the northeast in Miami - Dade County.

Therefore, if the county real estate and property taxes or governmental affairs are a concern, individuals looking for south Florida real estate may wish to take their relative location into consideration when considering the purchase of Florida Keys real estate.

Although the Florida Keys real estate is in a subtropical area, the climate of the Florida Keys real estate reveals that it can be classified as tropical according to the official measurement standards.

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