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Stockton Real Estate

Stockton Real Estate

Stockton, California is the 13th largest city in California, boasting a population just under 300,000. It is located in what could be considered central California, just south of the capital of Sacramento. In recent years, particularly between 1995 and 2005, Stockton has experienced quite a large influx in terms of population numbers due to many people trying to relocate from San Francisco and the high costs of living the city currently has.

The population boom had great impact on Stock real estate, particularly during the late 1990s and early 2000s. Stockton property prices skyrocketed between 1998 and 2005, almost tripling in value. Stock, California real estate became a very valuable commodity. However, the Stockton real estate market would suffer a great hit in 2007 and would lead the United States in foreclosures.

The Stockton real estate crash would have effect on the city's overall economy, having one of the highest unemployment rates in 2008. This would lead to further problems that would affect the Stockton, California real estate market, primarily the high crime rates in the city. It has recently been determined as one of the three worst cities to live in the United States.

However, in recent years since the real estate debacle, Stockton real estate is slowly reestablishing itself. Average listing prices are at about $185,000, with average sales prices also being up, at about $135,000. Some of the neighborhoods experiencing some of the revitalized Stockton property increases are Valley Oak, Spanos Park, and Brookside.

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