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Sacramento Real Estate

Sacramento Real Estate

Sacramento is the capital city of the state of California and is the seventh largest city in California, with over 485,000 people. Sacramento is located in the northern region of the state and Sacramento property is currently available in high numbers. Sacramento, California real estate buyers have certainly declined in the past several years, and much of it has been attributed to the economic factors, particularly the revocation of the home buyer tax credit.

Currently, the average Sacramento property is listed at about $247,000, which is currently at about 4% decline from previous years. Furthermore, the asking price is rarely the amount for which the average Sacramento property is actually being sold at, which is less than $150,000. However, the median sales price is actually up nearly 5% from other previous times.

Currently some of the more popular neighborhoods are East Sacramento, Land Park, and South Natomas. Listing prices for these neighborhoods reflect a growing trend where higher end and low end Sacramento property seems to be doing well in the Sacramento, California real estate market, while those in the middle price range are seeing an overall decline in average listing prices.

However, the mean sales prices for Sacramento property remain at about $150,000. The current negative trends regarding Sacramento, California real estate prices and overall market may also be attributed to the fact that crime figures regarding both property and violent crime are both above the average when compared to the rest of the state of California.

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Sacramento Real Estate Sacramento Real Estate