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Monterey Real Estate

Monterey Property

Monterey is located in Monterey County in Central California, right along the Pacific coastline. The city is well known for its fishing industry, as well as being the home to many well-known artists in the nineteenth century. The population of Monterey was estimated to be in the 30,000 range, though it most likely has increased in recent years.

Monterey may prove to be among the most popular cities when it comes to Central California real estate due to its coastal position and being removed from some of the larger metropolitan areas. It is well known for its natural environmental features, making it a very viable Central California real estate commodity.

The city of Monterey has a reported annual income of average of about $50,000, with the family income average nearing the $60,000 mark. However, Monterey property itself will not reflect similar figures, with the average listing price being over $1.2 million, which has actually seen a decline in recent times. However, the median sales price figures will prove to be substantially lower, hovering around the $550,000 mark.

Monterey property has become quite a valuable real estate investment due to the fact that the area is well known for its tourism. Its location being right on the Pacific coastline allows for the city to become a popular vacationing location, particularly for inland cities such as Fresno and Madera.

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