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Malibu Real Estate

Malibu Real Estate

Malibu, California is one of the most famous beachfront cities in the United States. It is located within Los Angeles County and has a population of over 12,000 people. The city of Malibu is known for its beaches and for housing many movie stars associated with the entertainment industry in Hollywood. Due to such factors, it can also be said that Malibu real estate will also be among the highest priced properties in the state, if not the entire country.

The average listing for Malibu real estate homes is about $4.8 million, which is currently on the rise as well. The average sales prices for Malibu real estate is at about $1.3 million. Therefore, it may not be much a surprise that the actual sales of homes when compared to those on the market may be relatively low. Out of nearly 800 homes for sale, only about 180 are sold on average.

However, even though Malibu real estate will be in the millions of dollars range, it is not very uncommon due to the demographics of the city. The average income for a household is over $102,000, and is at over $123,000 for families. Furthermore, Malibu real estate is well known to be very much sought out by those in the entertainment industry, particularly movie stars, due to its closeness to Hollywood. Therefore, it is not that much of a surprise that Malibu real estate is so high.

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