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Glendale Real Estate

Glendale Real Estate

Glendale, California is considered to be a middle class city which located in Los Angeles County. Glendale is considered to be a suburb of the city of Los Angeles, with a total population of about 207,000. Therefore, considering its closeness to one of the largest cities in the country, Glendale real estate will prove to be very wanted, particularly for families or married couples seeking to start a family.

The average income is about $57,000, which is also considered to be the mean income for the entire county of Los Angeles. Such a figure can give inference as to what Glendale properties are to be like, which more likely to fall closer to the average for the county, which is upward the one million dollar mark.

The average listing price for Glendale real estate is about $620,000, with the actual sales average being about $507,000. Given such amounts, it can be generalized that the majority of the population of Glendale will be in the middle class range.

Some of the more popular neighborhoods in Glendale will also provide for quite a range in terms of average listing prices of Glendale property. The lowest may be City Center, averaging at about $447,000, while some of the higher Glendale real estate prices are averaging near $900,000 for Glendale property home listings.

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