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Cypress Real Estate

Cypress Properties

Cypress is small suburban city in the county of Orange in California. The population is estimated to be slightly below 50,000 as of 2010, and is considered to be a suburb of Los Angeles County, due to being in the northern region of Orange County.

Property for sale in Cypress can be considered to be above average when compared to the national real estate market. Cypress properties have an average listing of over $475,000, though the median sales price is not much lower, ranging around $460,000.

Such little discrepancies in the figures can infer that the overall market for Cypress properties is not only very stable, but quite prominent as well. This may be partly due to the fact that the city of Cypress has a fairly high average income, which is about $80,000 for a household, and over $85,000 for a family.

North Cypress property will prove to be very popular due to its geographic location, being fairly close to Los Angeles, while also being a suburban area. Furthermore, over the past ten years, property for sale in Cypress has seen quite the rise in mean sales prices, which were just above $220,000 in 2000.

Current average sales prices for Cypress properties will prove to have doubled in only a decade, which can prove to show not only an increase in population, but also in terms of the economic viability of the small city.

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