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Steps to Starting a Real Estate Career in California

California Real Estate Principles

In order to participate in the selling or buying of real estate in California, a real estate license must first be obtained. Upon qualifying and passing a written exam, a license for real estate application is submitted to the Department of Real Estate, which will then be reviewed for approval. The minimum age to obtain a license is eighteen, and proof of legal residence in the United States is required.

For those seeking a career in real estate in California, it is important to know the California real estate principles and involved applications of real estate law. Understanding the laws and the California real estate principles is vital to passing the California Real Estate Sales Exam. California real estate principles are largely rooted and centered on the complex and extensive set of code and regulations put forth by the California Department of Real Estate.

Some of the basic California real estate principles may include property ownership and regulations, financing procedures, market and value analysis, contracts, and the actual practice of real estate. These California real estate principles will also account for the majority of the content that is found in the licensing exam, making them crucial to be fully understood and learned for any person aspiring to practice real estate in California.

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