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The Best of California Real Estate

California Real Estate

California Real Estate

The California real estate market is one that, regardless of fluctuations, will be relatively active due to the state not only having stable and mild weather, it is also the most populous state in the country. Being ranked in the top ten among the states for median income, California real estate is bound to remain fairly active.

Sacramento Real Estate

The Sacramento real estate market produce an average listing price of about $237,000, with a median sales price of about $150,000. Popular neighborhoods include East Sacramento, Land Park, and South Land Park.

Monterey Property

Known for a being a popular tourist city, Monterey property will usually reflect real estate meant for vacationing purposes or secondary homes. Average listing prices are over $1.2 million, with average sales price of nearly $550,000. Monterey is known for its waterfront landscapes and has served as the inspiration for many well-known writers and authors.

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