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Do You Know the Alameda County Property Tax

Alameda County Property Tax

The property taxes for Alameda County in California are assessed on two general criteria; the first being the actual improvement of the land or building and the actual location of the site. When assessing the value of personal property, the surrounding property is taken into consideration, as well as the cost of replacing the building or structure of the site. Furthermore, the value of the home itself will be taken into account, assessing how much it can be sold for in a particular time.

The type of property will also matter when levying the property tax in Alameda County. Firstly, the household income is about $70,000 per year, which is higher than the average of about $60,000 for the state of California. However, the Alameda County cost of living is considered to be very high, which the index shows to be at 162, with the national average being 100. This can be partly due to real estate in Alameda County being in the rise, which will also raise property taxes as well.

The average cost of a property in Alameda County is about $600,000, which is above the expected average in other parts of the nation. However, Fairview Property and Oakland Property may be less than the average due to factors such as crime. However, in 2006, Alameda County managed to garner nearly $400 million in tax property alone, which may be the reason why there is a growing trend of residents moving to neighboring counties in California.

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