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Tucson Real Estate

Tucson Real Estate

Tucson is the second largest city in the state of Arizona after Phoenix. It is also the home of the University of Arizona, making it a major metropolitan area in the state. The population of of Tucson is currently estimated to be at nearly 550,000 people, making it the 32nd largest city in the nation. Known for its hot summers and relatively mild winters, Tucson has become a popular city for many to either escape some of the harsh winters from the Northeast, or others, as a final retirement location.

Tucson real estate will prove to have quite a variety due to having many people settling down from other parts of the country. The median income for a family in Tucson is about $38,000 per year, yet Tucson property will prove to have higher values in correlation to income. The average listing price in Tucson is over $277,000, with a mean sales price of $142,000.

The discrepancy may be largely due to the fact that many people decide to purchase second homes in the area, driving the Tucson real estate values upward. Furthermore, it is also a popular location due to several Major League Baseball teams having their Spring Training in the area, which may also have several professional athletes purchasing expensive Tucson property. Popular neighborhoods for Tucson real estate are Sam Hugues, Starr Pass, and Midvale Park.

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