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Sedona Real Estate

Sedona Real Estate

The city of Sedona is a small town that is located in the northern area of Verde Valley. The population for the city is estimated to be about 12,000 people. The main tourist attraction of Sedona is the red sandstones formations that are located within the city.

However, the city of Sedona can be said to be more of a retirement community, with the majority of its population being within the age group of 45 to 64. Therefore, Sedona real estate activity will usually entail houses and more permanent homes for many, choosing the city as the place to retire.

The average income is about $52,000 for families in Sedona, though the current Sedona real estate market will tend to show substantially higher property prices. Currently, the average listing price for Sedona real estate property is about $770,000, with an average of $325,000 sales price for most homes. This may tend to coincide with many deciding to retire in Sedona, and thus, deciding to buy more lavish homes and property.

However, due to the low crime rates and highly regarded school system, it is also become a great place to raise a family. Another important aspect to consider regarding Sedona real estate properties is its location, being just outside of the Phoenix metropolitan area, and key tourism spots such as Lake Havasu and Las Vegas.

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