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Scottsdale Real Estate

Real Estate Scottsdale Arizona

Scottsdale, Arizona is becoming one of the more popular cities in the state, offering for an environment that provides for nightlife that is often compared to larger cities, such as Miami and New York City. This may be why the largest age group in the city is in the range of 25 to 44 years of age, accounting for over 30% of its estimated 245,000 people. The overall increase in population, particularly between the 1990s and 2000s, has led to quite an active Scottsdale real estate market.

Aside the trends in population increases, Scottsdale property values are also on the rise to do the median income of city. Currently the average income for a household is about $70,000, while the average income for a family is over $92,000, providing for some of the highest figures in the country. However, real estate in Scottsdale, Arizona and its current rise in value can be due largely to the tourism industry, which is also the primary employer of the city.

About 7.5 million tourists will visit the city each year, making Scottsdale property a very promising asset. However, the overall figures for Scottsdale real estate will also reflect the growing trends, producing an average price listing of about $675,000 for Scottsdale property. Median sales prices figures are about $275,000, which is actually a decrease in the past couple of years. Another important aspect to consider in regards to Scottsdale real estate are the crime rates of city, which are well below the state's average percentage.

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