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Lake Havasu Real Estate

Lake Havasu Real Estate

Lake Havasu City is located in Mohave County in the state of Arizona. The population of the city is approximately 56,000 people, and is extremely popular among college students, being one of the top Spring Break destinations of the country. Furthermore, due being on the shores of Lake Havasu, it is a popular destination for aquatic sports and boating enthusiasts year round, with professional fishing tournaments and boat races held on a yearly basis. During the winter months, Lake Havasu City is popular among retirees, making it one of the main destinations to escape the winter cold for many, particularly those in the Northeast and Canada.

Due to Lake Havasu largely depending on tourism for its economy, Lake Havasu real estate will prove to have trends that coincide with its tourism. Even though the average age for the city is about 48, many that will come to visit the city will usually invest in rental property or timeshares. Many will often times decide to purchase seasonal homes or condominiums, thus much of the Lake Havasu real estate activity will tend to coincide with properties that are more focused on temporary living.

However, Lake Havasu has often times been listed as one of the top 100 places to live in America, having an impact on the Lake Havasu real estate market. Current average listing prices for homes is at about $265,000, which a median sales price of about $137,000. Due to the influx of people being largely a seasonal occurrence, overall crime rates are low when compared to Arizona's state average. Coupled with the climate and Lake Havasu being on the city's borders, Lake Havasu real estate will prove to be quite the investment opportunity for many.

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