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Spokane Realtors

Spokane Realtors

Spokane, Washington is located on the Eastern edge of the state of Washington. Spokane is known to be one of the most productive mining cities in the United States, and even the North American continent.

Even though the city's economy has historically revolved around natural resources, in the past several decades the economy has expanded to include high-tech industries as well. All of these factors have proven to have an impact on the real estate market of the city.

One of the main factors regarding Spokane homes for sales is the fact that the city is the only major city between Seattle and Minneapolis. Therefore, it acts as a central hub for various commercial purposes, including a rising tourism market. Due to its geographical location, Spokane offers a more natural environment, having access to the outdoors that can attract people to city.

Spokane realtors may have seen an increase in Spokane homes for sale that are bought as vacation or secondary homes. Such reasons are why average listings in Spokane are above average, nearing the $250,000. Mean sales prices are in the $140,000 range, which allows for buyers to truly consider purchasing property in the area, particularly if they are fans of the outdoors and related activities.

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