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Toledo Realtors

Toledo Realtors

The city of Toledo, Ohio is the fourth most populous in the state. Even though it may not be considered to be as large of a metropolitan area such as Cincinnati or Columbus, it is well known for its reputation for being a city of industry throughout its history and particularly at the turn of the 20th century. Some of the major industries in Toledo are the auto and glass industries, having both the Jeep headquarters and Owens-Illinois in the city. However, the city's largest employer is now the healthcare industry.

Toledo realtors may have more of challenge than those in larger metropolitan areas in the state. Even though the manufacturing and healthcare industries are staples for Toledo's economy, the real estate market in terms of prices is much lower. This may prove to be more detrimental to Toledo realtors, but quite beneficial for new buyers. On the other hand, the lower prices of Toledo real estate may also lead to a potential population and real estate boom, particularly in the current economy.

Average listing prices are about $100,000, with final sales prices averaging $60,000. This makes homes quite affordable in Toledo, which may prompt many to relocate, particularly those already within the state. Therefore, even though the real estate market may not hold the highest value currently, Toledo realtors may prove to experience significant increase in activity and success in coming years.

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