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Rochester Realtors

Rochester Realtors

Rochester is one the major metropolitan areas of New York State, accounting for the second largest economy in New York. Being the third most populated city behind New York City and Buffalo respectively, the opportunities for Rochester realtors may be among the best in the state.

Rochester plays host to many international corporations and companies, thus making the real estate market a thriving one. Furthermore, the Rochester Institute of Technology and the University of Rochester are located right outside of the city. The University of Rochester, along with Kodak, is the largest employers in the area. Rochester realtors will prove to have more than enough clientele to service within the city limits.

Furthermore, the real estate market itself will prove to offer great possibilities due to prices being relatively low when compared to New York's other major metropolitan areas. However, even though they may be slightly lower than average, they remain stable, creating opportunities for Rochester realtors to truly make successful careers out of their jobs.

Currently, the average listing price for the city of Rochester is slightly above $150,000, with a final sales price average of about $105,000. However, listing prices in certain areas, such as East Avenue and Park Avenue, which are over $300,000 and $200,000 respectively, also give Rochester realtors the opportunity to deal in higher end property and real estate.

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