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Vancouver Realtors

Vancouver Realtors

Like all Realtors, Vancouver Realtors strive to help meet their clients’ needs when working with properties. For example, they will make great efforts to sell properties as quickly as possible and at the desired price. They will also do their best to help clients find properties which meet their specific an unique needs. However, the most important duty for a Vancouver Realtor is to follow all applicable real estate laws, as well as other laws which may apply.

For example, Vancouver Realtors cannot sell property when they are not certain who the rightful and legal owner of that property is. While the question of ownership is generally easily answered by checking recorded Deeds, which is not always the case. If there is even the slightest hint that some act of deception has taken place, it is the Realtors responsibility to verify facts about the ownership.

Vancouver Realtors must be familiar with the intricacies of Canadian real estate law, including the rights of the buyers and the sellers. For example, a Vancouver Realtor cannot willingly participate in any acts of fraud, such as withholding information about property. If for example, there are problems on the property, such as leaky pipes and that information is not disclosed, the realtor could be held responsible.

Vancouver Realtors have a duty to match clients with the appropriate property, but they must follow the law while doing so, in addition to avoiding acts of fraud on their part or the part of their client.

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