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Ontario Realtors

Ontario Realtors

Ontario Realtors must be sure to meet their clients’ property needs, whether that is buying, selling or renting property. While the locations can sometimes pose problems for Realtors, there are other issues to consider for their clients, such as the size of the property and the affordability of the property. In addition to meeting their clients unique and specific needs, Realtors must also be careful to avoid committing acts of fraud or breaking any laws, either intentionality or unintentionally.

There are many instances in which fraud has been a part of real estate transactions, resulting in harsh penalties for all involved. For example, Realtors cannot allow clients to get mortgages for more than the price of a piece of property, if the bank is not aware of that fact. While some banks may allow clients to get a mortgage for amounts higher than the purchase price, it is not common practice and it is often illegal.

Ontario Realtors have the main purpose of matching clients with properties. While that may seem rather simple, there can be some creativity necessary to match clients to the property and to make the sale. It is vital the Ontario Realtors do not break any laws when taking part in real estate transactions, as that can have legal and financial ramifications for all involved parties, regardless of whether they aware of the fraud or not.

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