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What You Must Know About Industrial Real Estate

Industrial Real Estate

Industrial real estate background

Industrial real estate can include buildings which are used for a variety of purposes, including warehouses, research facilities and buildings used for agricultural purposes. In some cases, the property has no improvements, such as buildings. However, most industrial properties do include buildings which are quite large, as to accommodate the business and the equipment utilized for that business.

Industrial property for lease

When a business leases industrial property, there are stipulations in the lease that must be followed by the landlord and the tenant. If either party breaks the lease, there are legal ramifications. Leases are contracts which are utilized for long term purposes, as opposed to rental agreements, which are short term.

Industrial property for rent

Renting industrial property is the best short term option for those that require property for a business. However, the terms can be changed each time the rental agreement expires, which can include large increases in rent and fewer benefits for the tenant.

Industrial property for sale

Companies which can get tax breaks for buying industrial property may select this option. However, many companies may find that they do better with shorter term options, such as renting and leasing.

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