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Real Estate Developer Roles

Real Estate Developer

A real estate developer is, as the name implies, responsible for developing real estate property into a condition that will make it more attractive to purchasers. In rare cases, the real estate developer will actually oversee the construction of a structure on the property, in other cases, however, a real estate developer will not move past the stage of proposing changes and improvements to the real estate property which is in their care.

A real estate developer is in a multifaceted business, and encompasses activities that range from the renovation and re-leasing of existing buildings and can extend to the purchase of raw land, and even to the sale of real estate property parcels that have already been improved and then sold to other individuals. A real estate developer bears the responsibility for coordinating activities and converting ideas on paper into the practice of real estate property.

A typical real estate developer is distinguished from construction because it makes the distinction that a developer does not themselves build or improve upon the real estate property. A real estate developed buys the land, finances the deal, and then finds other individuals to build upon the real estate property.

Real estate property is bought, by a developer, who then finances deals,
arranges to have the real estate property built, and then has to create, imagine, control, and orchestrate the process of developing the real estate property from beginning to end. In many cases, the real estate developer takes on the largest risk in a real estate property deal.

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