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Make Life Easy with a Property Tax Calculator

Property Tax Calculator

The property tax is a levy based on the value of an individual’s property. Villages, towns, Counties, cities, school districts, and various special districts raise money through the real property tax to fund public services such as schools, police and fire agencies, roads, and other municipal services enjoyed by residents.

The amount of property tax an individual must pay is determined by two things: the property's taxable assessment and rates instituted by the jurisdiction in which the property is located. Many people remain ignorant to the formula that goes into the property tax or the reason why a property tax rate can increase. That being said, there are a number of tools that can aid in figuring this formula out, while helping an individual calculate his or her expected tax returns.

The property tax calculator is the primary tool used to determine one's expected tax rate, his or her total taxes, the local city tax, and the allowable tax credit. The property tax calculator is also beneficial because it enables a prospective buyer of property to calculate the levy of any jurisdiction based on the property's assessed value. For instance, a person interested in moving to Beverly Hills, can use a property tax calculator to estimate their prospective property tax.

The total tax is based on the jurisdiction but usually includes a city tax and an added tax levy of some sort. When using the property tax calculator an individually will typically enter the current year, the property market value of the home, and the city in which the property resides. When this information is entered an individual can immediately view the calculations or results. Al local property tax calculator can be located online by searching for the district and the term 'property tax calculator’.

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