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What are Property Records

Property Records

Property records are those records which contain information concerning different properties and their owners. Property records might be publicly available, depending upon their exact nature. As such, numerous tools exist to assist individuals in conducting a property records search through the publicly available property records.

A property records search tool might allow a searcher to look for a particular address, for example, in order to find property records concerning that address including the owner of the title for that property, the owner's contact information, any mortgage records there might be involving that property, the purchase price of the property, the current fair market value of the property, and potentially even more.
A property records search tool might be designed to search within particular sets of public records, or particular areas, although most property records search tools are designed to be open to a number of different possible search sources, such that a searcher would be able to use the property records search tool no matter where he or she was looking.

Some property records tools are oriented to allow individuals to browse and peruse property records, instead of allowing them to conduct a property records search. The difference between a property records search and such a browsing or perusal of property records is that a browsing would be designed to allow an individual to examine sets of property records without having any particular property record in mind, such that he or she might be able to eventually find a property he or she is more interested in.

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