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The Facts About Public Property

Public Property

Public property is property which is not owned or held by any particular, single entity or owner. Public property is instead owned by "the people", which further means that it is not held by a distinguished group of people. For example, property in a park might be considered public property, because there is no given owner or individual who can legally restrict other individuals from entering that park.

On the other hand, if the piece of property under consideration were an arboretum, entry to which might be restricted by an owner, then it would most certainly not be considered public property. Public property, in some schools of thought, is held as similar to state property for all intents and purposes, as state property is property held by the state often for the sake of the public interested.

Put another way, public property might be held as state property so that the state can best serve the interests of the public, who technically owns the public property. This idea is not without its detractors and supporters, however, who argue concerning its value and legitimacy.

Ultimately, because public property in the modern world is held by the government in some form, public property records are held within government offices regarding all the public property which the government might hold in custody for the public.

Public property records will likely give such information as the exact location of the pieces of public property in question, along with the sizes of these pieces of public property and the use to which they are put. Public property records are available and accessible to any citizen to examine, as the information in public property records is kept publicly.

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