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Your Right to a Property with a Property Title

Property Title

A property title is a documentation indicating that the holder of the property title has rights to the property in question. The exact rights involved in a property title might theoretically vary between different titles, but they generally include such rights as the right to exclusive possession and use, the right to conveyance, the right to use of the property as collateral, and the right to split the property.

According to some schools of thought concerning property title, holding property title for a given property must involve holding actual possession of that property, along with holding the right of possession (meaning that one can legitimately say that he or she should be able to possess that property) and the right of property, which is a legitimate claim which supersedes all other claims to the property in question. As mentioned above, property title is often held in the form of a legal document which makes the current holder of property title clear.

One who is attempting to discover more information about a particular piece of property, or who is attempting to simply do a search of different properties which one might consider for purchase, might do a property title search. A property title search would allow an individual to determine who the current holder of property title to a given piece of property might be.

A property title search can often be conducted using readily available public information, such as the property records at a nearby official building such as the county courthouse or city hall. Furthermore, there are a number of websites online which might assist an individual in conducting a property title search.

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