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General Growth Properties

General Growth Properties

General Growth Properties is a company that deals primarily in real estate investment and income property, meaning property used by General Growth Properties for the sake of generating income. General Growth Properties focuses on income property such as shopping malls, primarily, and it has some interest within over 200 shopping malls spread throughout America.

General Growth properties does focus on other forms of income property as well, such as master planned communities, of which there are several which General Growth Properties has some significant interest in.

General Growth Properties often attempts to create shopping malls as developments for lands which it might own as income property, with these shopping malls being designed for a specific purpose within the area. For example, General Growth Properties has an income property which is the largest open-air shopping mall anywhere in the world, oriented for its environment in Hawaii.

As of the current time, however, General Growth Properties is in the process of being bought by Simon Property Group, or potentially by other companies interested in income property. This is because General Growth Properties encountered significant bankruptcy issues in 2009, and it is now attempting to have itself sold in order to help solve these issues.

In such a case, the income property owned by General Growth Properties would go to whoever buys the company. In general, however, General Growth Properties is significant to the average American for how much income property it holds all across the country, and how integrated that income property may be within the lives of those individuals in those areas.

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